Massage for Senior Citizens

Massage therapy benefits the elderly by relieving pain and by contributing to their overall well-being. It aids those suffering from a wide range of conditions such as arthritis, stroke, mobility problems, stress, anxiety, back pain and depression.

Massage therapy offers a welcome release of tension from frequent aches and pains. It maintains and rebuilds the nervous system's response to stimulation, enabling seniors to resist physical and mental declines. Massage therapy stimulates circulation, relieves joint pain, reduces swelling, stimulates bowels and flow of lymph, improves sleep, releases endorphins, decreases fear and anxiety, and creates a sense of well-being and decreased isolation. These stimulations are especially necessary for elderly that are less active and sit most of the day.

In addition, Massage treatments can help those who are living with diminishing social contacts. The power of touch can be supportive of healing on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. For senior citizens living alone or in facilitated accommodation, massage can be a good tool to improve and support their well-being.

While all clients need to fill out a consultation form, telling the therapist of any medical conditions, this is often more significant with elderly patients. For senior citizens with medical conditions it is best to receive the approval of one’s doctor before beginning any sort of therapeutic treatment.

As we also offer mobile massages, the elderly patient does not need to leave the house or facilitated accommodation.

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